Solutions, ideas and pathways are our élan vital. We thrive on them and constantly work to create transparent, well-understood and repeatable solutions. Our people work in unison as one backbone channeling diverse strengths and resources to that one solution, method and brandlogue. We draw from our accumulated knowledge and agility to understand markets and measurements through a combination of standard practices and proprietary scales. People at Brandlogues means value and kinship. Value delivered through a combination of knowledge and line of business expertise. Our kinship with the business and the client is an outcome of blending our innate listening capabilities with the humility of wanting to know the unknown.

We have consultants who are business literate, academically qualified and possessing their own intuitive capabilities in understanding the business- its challenges and pain points.

Raj Mohan Tella a marketing and advertising professional whose Doctoral Thesis is on Corporate Branding Frameworks and Rohit Lingineni a senior marketing and brand design professional with an MBA from Melbourne Business School are the senior partners.


Raj Mohan Tella

Raj is marked by his distinct solution-seeking approach. Branding frameworks, brand consulting and brand design have dotted his last 10 years. He adopts hands on approach in the joint envisioning of brands and the creation of relevant, executable roadmaps. His advertising lineage keeps him grounded while aiding him in asking simple and obvious questions. Empathy and simplicity on the one hand, structural frameworks and theoretical constructs on the other describe Raj’s way of looking at the businesses. He has consistently demonstrated a well-rounded right and left- brain approach to solving communication challenges relating to building and maintaining reputation of organizations and leaders.

Raj anchors branding and the related execution touch points – inclusive of go to market planning, market research, measurement of brand health and on a need based basis communication matrixes across multiple media inclusive of digital and new media.
His current engagements are in – foods, fashion and ecommerce, B2B and B2C Climbing Systems, telecom, office workflow IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, realty, NGOs and agricultural products.

Raj has 33 years of professional experience as a Branding and Communications Practitioner.

Select categories of work

Food, Real Estate, Ecommerce, Watches, Confectionery, Beverages, Flooring, Agriculture, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Textiles, Copiers and electronics, Credit cards and services, Publications – newspapers and magazines, Soft drinks, Domestic appliances, Parenterals, Cooking oils, Tea, Hospitals, Bicycles, Marine Industry and Seafood, Granite, Luxury, Retail, IT and Services, Logistics, Banking and Financial Services, Social Health – AIDS awareness and community skill building, Oral rehydration, Sanitation, Coffee, Business Machines, Professional Education, Cosmetic Chemicals, Telecom and Value-added Service Providers, Hospitality, Health and Wellness.


Rohit Lingineni

Rohit is a welcome amalgam of natural intelligence; purposive branding expertise and a well rounded academic substratum from one of the world’s best business schools – the Melbourne Business School.

He brings to the businesses the energy and well calibrated gutsiness of youth and curiosity. The ability to ask the right questions, sticking to a plan and method has been the recall of clients. Rohit rounds off his reputation with experience in handling the challenges of being a senior partner in a brand-consulting firm, creating a social enterprise and a self-sustainable technology start up.

Homework is the start point for Rohit. New businesses or existing engagements, the method he adopts is simply ‘ to know and uncover’. In ongoing assignments Rohit’s role is one of a pivot who is able to handle multiple tasks, lines of information and the diverse challenges posed by the process of unpeeling and creation of result oriented branding methodologies.