Quick Consult

If you are an organisation that’s looking to begin a committed brand journey but is not sure of the direction, we are available for a quick consult session. A quick consult is a one day session where we gather relevant inward-looking information about your brand and help you articulate the brand attributes, strategic brand goals and standards to measure your brand progress.

During this session we discuss your current sales figures, customer data, stakeholder perceptions and draw up a roadmap aligned to your goals. Typical outcomes of this session involve an evolved brand architecture, brand equity mapping and tracking mechanisms, brand boost initiatives, realigning brand positioning, putting your product lines to test and re-orienting your marketing objectives among others.


Speaking Sessions

Organisations and universities can approach us to speak on specific brand topics. Creating new brands, re-orientation of existing brands, brand valuations, culture integration, marketing objectives, brand immersion across departments, importance of measuring and tracking brand equity, product evaluations, brand architectures and communication frameworks are some of the popular topics we speak on.

Your associates and students can gain access to world class insights into various aspects of brand and marketing at prices affordable across any sized organisation. Universities are offered these sessions at discounted prices. Click here to schedule a speaking session.